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Senada* party&show @Elle fw 2010 day2

Senada* pre-show party and presentation at Elle Fashion Week 2010 has just passed.
It was ,actually, my first big job to collaborate with such a famous brand like Senada.
It’s a big day for me and I was way too excited to see my illustration around the venue
my ribbon on a cupcake box, angels on dresses and scarf, and invitation notice board around centralworld.
may be my words were too overstated, but If you were me you couldn’t deny the feeling as well


the pre-show party was full of champagne, bottles of beer,  and of course cupcake! (which was really tasty)
also grabbed one box back home lol..anyway the food was also delish. met many great fashion ppl
and what a pleasure that p’Aoey Pimdao (Sretsis designer) wore the angel dress to the show.


my angels-dancing-in-the-galaxy illustration was done in many mediums like
dress, pants, skirt, leggings, shorts, scarf , and tote bag (buy them!)
well , more pictures below if you want to join the atmosphere



Hope you guys like the angels print and thanks for your support 🙂



  1. ไปดูมาเมื่อเย็นวันนี้มีผ้าพันคอ ลงเพิ่มที่ร้านสยามเซ็นเตอร์ นะครับ

  2. thank you naka p’Pan..I saw you at the event too, but you were red (drunk, weren’t you? haha)

  3. YNG** says

    i’m buying that scarf!
    totally in love with your angels 🙂

  4. heyy you look gorgeous naa ja

    keep walking on ur dream way :))

    this could be the start of something wonderful of you na 😀

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