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Pretty Etsy Gift Ideas with Vanillawalk

These gift guides were inspired by my love of vintage and animals. All pictures are taken from each Etsy shop, which you can click on each pictures to get
back to the shop site. Your folks deserve gifts that are in a good quality and rare, and that’s why Etsy is the perfect place to find such things.


Let’s come up with a great set of vintage corked bottle by jollytimeone (1) . With graphics on, it will be a great kitchen decor and perfect for the friday midnight drinks. The set of three beautiful tea lights candle holder by virtualdesignlab (2) ,made out of maine white birch woods, will give your house a more close-to-nature vibe. A creamy white pottery by Erphila,Fayence,Germany (3) and The Vintage royal Ceramic Swan Planter (4) by fernswoodpixie will fill your friend’s house a glamorous touch from their gorgeous pearl iridescent glaze, which suit the snowy season.


The vintage brass darling deer setby throbackvintage (5) will bring you back to the mid century. An amazing pair of original vintage pumps from the 40s byfraeuleincaroline (6) are made of creme and grey snakeskin. a simple and functional design of a wooden organizer bylessandmore (7) is perfect for your minimalist friend. A beautiful silver plated bowl adorned with deer heads by nowvintage (8) is absolutely stunning for your animal-obsessed girls. A rust on the vintage brass perpetual calendar by CrankHeartPony (9) will satisfy your vintage lover friend, leaving it a character sake.


Next to a beautiful hourglass glass necklace by FreshyFig (10), you can keep an antique  brass binocular pendant, The Tiny Voyeur ll by MySelvagedLife (11). The unique silver moon clock by CyberMoon (12) will give you a same ‘moonstruck’ feeling while looking at the fullmoon and brings that magical feeling indoors. A grey chalkboard calendar made from painted poplar wood by somethingshidinghere (13) is the great newyear gift for indecisive planner. The Weekly Navigational, 2011 datebook byPurgatoryPiePressINK (14) which is long stitched into soft leather, will make your besties feel like they’re in the journey all year long. Finally, You can add a lot of vintage charm to your bookshelf with the majestic marble horse head bookends. (15) They  look fantastic, very Grecian in style, and suitable for vintage collectors. A pair of vintage brass snowflake candle holders (16) that will form a holiday tree when combined is also perfect for any hoilday home, both products are by compostthis.


{Enjoy seeking gifts for your folks these holidays, and hope you like my list }

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