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The Pantheon project

Hello,  It’s been a long time I haven’t posted anything new here since I have too much works to be done. However,  now I’m back with the midterm project for my fashion accessories design class at uni, The Pantheon project, which I had done with my friend Pop. Firstly inspired by the Pantheon, one ofthe most beautiful landmarks in Paris. We found that the Pantheon was built after the Pantheon in ancient Roman empire. Thus, this bag collection are focusing on the classic order like Greek and Roman pillars. Using lines ,box shapes from Greek order mixed with the arch and dome shape from Roman’s.The results are the classic bags with a modern twist. interpreting new meaning of feminism in fashion accessories market, We did this collection upon the research of Chloe brand.


  1. May says

    just saying…. the collage isn’t the pantheon na kamonnart…. but hey dont take it wrong… i always love your work u kno that…. F*ing miss hanging out with u guys…..

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