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I was thinking the other day about what I was up to when I was 10.

And these are what I’m up to when I woke up and I realized I’m twenty now.

Yes, I am twenty now.

Life has just started and It’s just getting harder and harder.
Playing with it I’m also get stronger.
Past failures in my 10s is the best life lessons I’ve learned so far.
The next ten years from now must be a challenging stage for me.
let’s see how im gonna role it.
the happiest way is live the moment and roll with the good times.

These are what my special people gave me on my 20th birthday.
Im glad I have them in my life. Thank you all who are always here.
and many thanks for all the birthday wishes too 🙂

Matina Amanita for Sretsis black cat ring from Strong 

Alexander Wang’s off-white stingray, leather and suede trunk-style wristlet bag.
(from myself as a reward for myself) via net-a-porter

Karma Karmet aromatic diffuser in Vanilla scent from Ornpailin.

Panita leather organizer from p’Bell 🙂  my old schedule book fits it perfectly.

Caption marker for sketchbook lover like me, thanks Rukpong.

Rob Ryan mug, Marc Jacobs special items’ locket, Rayban shades from 40s
Paul Smith purse, ‘K’ wood stamp from flea market in London,
Submarine Trailer EP by Alex Turner (best album for my ears), and this unvaluable paper-cutting card

 I can’t value them. All thanks to Kavin.

Last, Thank for every wishes in facebook. I would not make u guys disappointed 🙂

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