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sipping the surfaces

Dear Diary, I know I haven’t been disappeared for a while, feeling sorry for my absence. But it’s time to make up now, there’re still so many things left unwritten.

First, this is my final project at the uni about creating surfaces in textile (continued from the previous article : SKIN). 10 natural and architectural surfaces are chosen to be mocked up in papers and then transformed into textiles. The results are a collection consists of twenty looks that are designed based on the sense of style of 5 inch and up, miss Sandra Hagelstam, which I had chosen to be my muse for the collection. Actually I’ve been her secret admirer for so long. you guys should check out her blog and would fall in love with those eyes for the raw yet stunning, cool street style that look effortless, the wanderer sense and free spirit in her lifestyle and belongings. Real natural beauty.


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