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Good Morning 2012

Bedroom, January 01, 2012
#1 : homemade chocolate cake,  sketchbook from Moleskine , table from Index living mall
#2: wall clock from Room Mag Collection, wall calendar from Frankie, poster from Smiths


Color pencil box set from Muji, bone folder and 100markers set from Goose store, file storage boxes from Ikea Thailand.

#’Vanilla’ Scent diffuser from Karmakarmet (Thank you Ornpailin)

#my ceramic art from ceramics class at uni

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  1. pare :D says

    P’Ong ka, i have been quietly following your blog for a year laew ka 🙂
    i wanted to say you are very inspirational to me ka 🙂
    interestingly, i don’t know you in real life but i feel that, i could sense how you are, who you are ka (whom that really amazing, i believe )
    and i found that i am deeply fascinated and inspired by them so much, everything lei ka
    yourself, your thoughts, your works, your interested that convey through your blog.
    not only your beautiful, sensational, valued works but also your perspective toward things as well ka
    i am also studying design ka and you’ve given me courage to create great and value work like yours ka
    just want to let you know that i would always follow your blog and support you in whatever you do na ka
    and i would look up to u always ka! 😀
    55555 these all might sound lil bit cheesy but i really mean it jingjing ka 😉
    thank you for giving me courage na ka
    and thank you for reading these now ka
    Hope you’ll encounter with good things in everyday na ka

  2. Anonymous says

    อยากทราบว่า ซื้อนิตยสาร frankie ที่ไหนหรอคะ

  3. Anonymous says

    ทำไมห้องมึงสวยอย่างนี้ มาจัดห้องให้บ้างสิ

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