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“Call for the Winter Moon” Disaya A/W 11 Winter Moon Print Design

Over the night sky, there lies the “Winter Moon” shining
like a torch for all nocturnal creatures in the forest.
For the first time ever, Disaya launchesa special print
in the middle of Autumn/Winter 2011 collection
to continue the magic of the night.

“Winter Moon print” comes in 9 styles that will bring you closer to the sweet angelic fable. The like pieces such as Winter Moon Print Dress with Flare Skirt,
Winter Moon Print Maxi Layered Dress with Open Back Detail and many more.

“Winter Moon Print” design by me, digital drawing & coloring via Adobe Photoshop

There are twelve different moons, each with different flora and fauna.
Let’s take a look and see what animals you can find hiding in the moon.
The night animals, including rabbit on the moon, beetle, bear, night owl, fox, butterflies, squirrel
and yeah…. the wild werewolf!

and these are the final products prototypes
Image Courtesy : Disaya

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