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A Layered Cake Stack : Print Design for Disaya’s A/W12 tea party

First, I draw these cakes with a pencil on cartridge paper, then scanned them into computer. Digital colored, re-arranged and fixed the details in Adobe Photoshop.


Click here to see more photos from Disaya Autumn/Winter 2012 “My Cup of Tea” Fashion Presentation

As Seen in Disaya A/W12 “My Cup of Tea”

These are just some of the looks, There are two more prints created by my senior Chatchanok Pink and p’O Terawat Teankaprasith. For more details of the collection, please kindly visit Disaya website

Image Courtesy of Disaya

As seen on Mimi Wade ❤


  1. Anonymous says

    You should put your watermark nah Ong. This would guide your artwork to the counterfeit brands.

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