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Nouvelle – Autumn/Winter 13/14 Fashion Trend Forecast Project

Some of the pages I selected from my first trend forecasting project when I was in the third year at uni. We are assigned to create the AW13/14 fashion trend book, which was a three-people group project (I was with Mark and Ja) Our group started with an idea of the world after the apocalypse and came up with three ideas : Newlander, Nuclear Hero & New Hope. Each of the main trends consists of two different micro trends which are described in the visual information : The story, keywords, color way, materials, print, surface, A-must details, texture, silhouettes & A-must items.

1. Newlander (Lost Souls / Habitation)

Returning the overturned : It is the simple way to get back the balance by adjusting the modern living to the way in the age the balance was

2. Nuclear Hero (Warriors / Artificial World)

The absolute authority : It is the way to dominate and take full control over the nature, to keep things exactly in the way the mankind desires

3. New Hope (Kepler / Mutation)

The renounce and resettle, is the interstellar imperialism, finding an untouched land to abandon the old troublesome ship that we were born and grew on


The fashion sketches to illustrate each trend in Nouvelle Trend Forecast


Copyright 2012 – Please don’t use the images without permission

Thank you 🙂


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