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A Journey to Sustainia I

‘A Journey to Sustainia is a fashion collection made by me & Miki (Sasithorn Premchit) for Saha Group Bangkok Young Designer Awards 2012. The topic for the contest was ‘The Next World : Trendwatching for 2012″  – To live with nature happily and stylishly ever after. Rather than representing a future of sacrifices and restraints, We choose to offer the audience the more desirable way of thinking instead. Yeah, who wants to follow a pessimist?

As we believe that Doomsday scenarios and pictures of melting icebergs take-on-fashion are more than enough. We want to create a positive and inspiring visualization of what sustainable living could possibly be. So we did a lot of research on sustainable urban developing and architecture, and finally found Sustainia, a project to create a sustainable growth & better future, founded by Scandinavian think tank Monday Morning (read more about Sustainia here)

Inspired by Sustainia, The collection is not about a Utopia or a distant dream, or futuristic science fiction. It’s a vision of what a sustainable world would look like and be like to live in. The result was this collection that will take you a journey to Sustainia, a fascinating city you wouldn’t want to leave.

(And last we got the Best Childrenwear Awards from the Contest!)

and these are the photographs from the Sustainia fashion set, photographed by Asanin Lovmunkong.
See more in the next post ‘A Journey to Sustainia II’


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