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MMM with H&M : A Re-Edition of the Icons

It is totally breathtaking when I first knew that the next designer that are going to collaborate with H&M was MMM, my favorite fashion house of all time. Maison Martin Margiela , the Belgian fashion house, are the legend of the conceptual and timeless fashion style that represents with an ideas of anonymity, shades of white, and ambiguity. Mr. Margiela himself is my role model when it gets to fashion design (or art?). And H&M’s vision are to offer democratic fashion, the fashion that comes with quality at the best price. I am so excited what these two big name in fashion are going to collaborate, as I’ve always love the works of Maison Martin Margiela. And because the garments of MMM are produced in limited numbers, with special materials and technique, the price was normally very high and I could hardly afford their garments. But by offering their concepts and designs to such a wide audience of H&M, I think this is of course the very great opportunity for younger MMM lovers to collect and wear the pieces from the Maison. As this is the first time that the Maison offered their products to the broad public, as an exclusive synopsis of their history. It’s gonna make more people available to share the Maison’s creative expression.

“This unique opportunity to work with H&M will allow us to create something special for all.” – MMM

Anyway, last two weeks I’ve been invited by H&M Thailand to visit their showroom and take a look on the collection before It comes to shop. It was impressive as the showroom was very private and the staffs are very nice. At the corner of the wide space, three racks of MMMHM collection are hanging neatly, two for womenswear, and one for menswear. On the floors are the iconic acrylic heels and men’s painted shoes. I was started to feel excited as all the stuffs there were real tempting. The iconic pieces I’ve once seen in my MMM big book are now reproduced in updated shapes and materials (and is affordable), such as the 200% collection, the flat garments collection, and the trompe l’oeil collection. The color scheme are also very MMM-ish, representing MMM’s colour anatomy with shades of white, black, red, nudes and silver. The entire collection represents an overview of MMM’s creative approach, which could be grouped in five shapes and volumes which are the Masculine Adjusted, The Oversized, The Process of Tailoring, The Ambiguity, and the Transformation.

First, the Masculine Adjusted – masculine shapes are adjusted to frame the female body. As seen throughout the collection, on the narrow shouldered jacket, Darted jacket, Adjusted biker jacket. Also many basic pieces are presented in oversized versions of themselves, like the Oversized pea coat and trousers or the Enlarged Watch Frame Bracelet. Third, Traditional finishings and tailoring procedures are visible. Similarly, more specific sartorial concepts, particular to the world of couture are exposed. These techniques are seen on some garments with astonishing pattern like the Tailored mannequin jacket and the Flat suit. Next, Ambiguity – these concept is conveyed through the use of Trompe l’oeil like what we see on the day dress and the Body with Integrated bra (The Invisible Wedge pump and Guitar Weekend bag are included in this group). The last concept is Transformation, which offers a new use and shape to otherwise typical objects and materials, as seen from the Painted jeans, the Jacket made of Belts, the Candy Clutch and also the Glove Coin Purse. Transformation is also done through deconstruction, reconstruction and assemblage. Like what we see on the ‘Fusion of two dresses’ piece.

Invisible wedge pumps

the Candy Clutch

the Body with integrated bra & the Darted jacket

Painted jeans

Me & K. Gift (Saranjit Leelakjiphaisan) of Pimplus in the blue ‘Fusion of Two Dresses’ dress

And here is a detailed description of the collection from H&M’s perspective:

“Maison Martin Margiela is a French fashion house which has always followed its own path often outside the conventional fashion framework.Constantly questioning the norms of fashion and presenting its pieces through the technique of deconstruction and transformation, the collections reinvent volumes, modify shapes, change the original use and movement of garments and derail classic notions of fashion. The collaboration with H&M presents a re-edition of iconic Maison Martin Margiela garments and accessories for men and women. Each piece is specifically labeled with a unique tag indicating the season from which its originated, spanning 23 years since the Maison’s funding. The most representative pieces of Maison Martin Margiela are reproduced in updated shapes and materials and offered to the broad public as an exclusive synopsis of their history.”

MMM with H&M Hits Thailand Store on this Nov 22, 2012
for more information : visit H&M Thailand
Interesting content of MMM about the collaboration : read more here, here & here


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