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Sunday high, high, and high ceiling

Sunday afternoon , in the greens with the hound
trees as ceiling and fences
we ran around


high ceiling, I’m always fascinated by the space filled with the air above my head.
daylight coming in, greens and wood combining a scene. Sitting in a room like this makes us feel so small.

the contrasts between the materials and texture here are so inspiring, cozy rawness.

airy-and-breezy atmosphere, light and shadow set the lines as a new decoration on the wall

oh and here is nature as an art piece behind the bed, no wallpaper nor famous-paints-in-the-frame needed.

this one might not be called as a high-ceiling, but the space within this cabinets makes a perfect place to lay on and read,
take some afternoon naps or cuddles if you have a lover and a pet or two.

These photos at indoors and outdoors always feel so inspiring.I wish i had a chance to own a space like this, my dream studio would be high ceiling and airy , full of woods and greens and the animals… sounds pretty good if I didn’t change my mind in ten years time!

have a good weekend everyone xx



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