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Bring nature into the home and spreads harmony in body and soul. Light wood meets raw counterparts such as copper, brass, silver, and stone, to give a unique feeling of earthiness and total relaxation. Linen couches, hand-crafted objects, and pots are among the more rustic elements. Think about life that is lived peacefully and in communion with nature. Mindfulness is essentially about cleaning out exterior chaos in order to create inner calm and serenity.

Here is more about the object no.9 – Little Galaxy by Studio Ingrid Hulskamp.

This project is by MA Textile Futures graduate by Ingrid Hulskamp. She has developed a series of contemplative toys for adults, to pursue time for daily contemplation in an intuitive way.  “The objects, made from hand-blown glass, remind us of the candid fun we had as a child, when we were able to fully get caught up in the moment.”  – very interesting in this chaotic modern world , Thank you Ingrid Hulskamp.



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