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– S t e v e n T a i –

A photoshoot and styling that I did today for Steven Tai studio where I’m interning here  in London. Went for scouting around the studio for a while before I found this basketball court and a field near Hackney Wick (basketball = orange ball ? ). Thanks to the sun today that brought us some daylight. The garments are from their AW14, where  fringe details were so nice and exquisite that you’d love to comb them before getting off home. Did enjoy it today~

DSC_0289 copy


DSC_0320 copy

DSC_0321 copy

DSC_0344 copy


DSC_0399 copy

DSC_0400 copy

DSC_0239 copy

DSC_0262 copy

DSC_0439 copy

DSC_0465 copy

DSC_0218 copy

DSC_0246 copy

DSC_0236 copy

DSC_0270 copy

DSC_0202 copy

DSC_0419 copy

DSC_0375 copy

DSC_0442 copy

DSC_0383 copy

DSC_0367 copy

DSC_0293 copy

DSC_0539 copy

DSC_0590 copy

Photography & Styling : Kamonnart Ongwandee
Clothes : Steven Tai Studio Limited

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