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THE COLOURS : Kinfolk Gathering dinner by FACT Collective

Introducing “The Colours : Creative Collaborations” the 2-day participatory event of colourful food, arts and music, F.A.C.T. aims to bring together local, like-minded creative minds in order to encourage idea and knowledge sharing, which may lead to future fruition.

F.A.C.T collective comes from : Food, Art, Culture, Travel. The amazing thing is that they has been granted with an official license from Kinfolk to organize the first Kinfolk Gathering in Thailand 2015.

Starting with this event, F.A.C.T. aims to ignite, encourage and become a network of Creative Collaborations, an educational platform of those locals who see the essence of all for one and one for all.  An open platform for ideas and discussion, this group of people aims to create and become a sustainable local hub of knowledge sharing built on this gathering opportunity granted by Kinfolk.

the name of the event, THE COLOURS comes from the fact that F.A.C.T see each human being as a colour. A group of people equals many colours. Different but together can be beautiful. A colour could be a skill or a talent. Many of such together can lead to many successful creations. They will also use “Colours” in all elements of the event: it is a set of colours-curated experiences. Their organizing team is divided into 6 colours: white, black, blue, red, brown and yellow, according to each team’s expertise. Attendees will be encouraged to enjoy, converse and experience through the colours theme throughout the evening.


Food + Art installation + Music + Conversations + Networking

The event is divided into 2 days as there are a various types of Creative People. To serve the variety, F.A.C.T have come up with 2 sets of participatory experiences. Both however are synced in terms of core theme and value hoped to enhance. Only the elements or activities that are different.

Day 1: Kinfolk Gathering Dinner

July 11, 2015 (Saturday) at 6pm – 12 am
Ticket price: 150 USD (Limited 60 seats only)

  • 5-course participatory dinner designed by F.A.C.T. and guest collaborators
  • Designed to be multi-colour, all courses will be deliberately paired with exclusive wine and beer selections. Heading the food station, Gai Lai Mitvichan
  • Live music by Jacopo Gianninoto
  • Art installation by F.A.C.T. and guest collaborators
  • Open discussion on “Slowness”

Day 2: F.A.C.T. Gathering

July 12, 2015 (Sunday) at 10 am – 4 pm
Ticket price: 1,000 THB

  • Participatory workshops: Creative Collaborations by F.A.C.T. and guest collaborators  : Tichaa (Tea and essential oils), Golden Coins (Beer brewer), Mann Craft (Organic craft brand from Sakon-nakorn), the Archivist Printing house, and Lee Ayu from Akha Ama  (Coffee Cupping Workshop)
  • Art installation by F.A.C.T. and guest collaborators
  • Open discussion on “Slowness”
  • Food and beverage booths

Anyone with “Creative Minds” is welcomed to join THE COLOURS event. No age limit, no gender limit, just anyone who enjoy food, arts, music, sharing ideas and explore new opportunities. If you enjoy meeting new people, making new friends, and looking forward to a meaningful lifestyle and state of mind, then this is is the place for you !

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