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Good attracts me, Evil inspires me

Hello July.

Finally the second half of 2015 has arrived. It has been crazy and a lot of fun for me the whole year, with so many stories of both work and my private life, which is why I have a limited free time to work on the blog. Have you asked yourself what you have already done, or wish you had done in the first half of the year. The past month has been a reflective moment in my life and also a month of shit loads of creative projects I have collaborated with interesting people. With a chance to breathe now, I finally have a slower pace to clear my mind and write.

In the end of May, I got a call from one of my beloved sister to help her with the personal project.  She is both my teacher and supporter, always having a lot of things to learn from and look up to, so when asked for the opportunity I said yes without hesitating, and without knowing it would bring me a lot of inspiration and fun, working with those professionals in the field.

My role was a cinematographer, video director and backstage photographer for the set. It was a fashion shooting, creative and conceptual as the designer always did. p’ Lek (Lek Kiatsirikajorn) , the expert and experienced photographer is our photographer that day. I was really impressed by his professional and determined way of working, the way you have never seen before from the average fashion photographer. With the strong images and concepts in mind, He could direct the model and see every flaws and details in the outcomes as if he was the movie director. The results are black and white fashion photographs with aesthetics and emotion that are hardly to be seen these days.

_Z6A5498 copy

_Z6A5242 copy

_Z6A5252 copy

_Z6A5298 copy

_Z6A5300 copy

_Z6A5304 copy

_Z6A5426 copy

 ‘Good attracts me, Evil inspires me.’

This phrase was our concept of the set today. It reoccurs in my head many times as I always feel exactly like this, swapping between good and evil side that whispers near our very human ears. Yes, this is the very common concept for human beings – Good things always attract us to do, to act, to do better things, but the seduction of Evil is so delicious and alluring. Me myself tend to be emotionally inspired by the things that are not exposed so much or something that is mysterious and allows us to imagine more. You cannot always be a good person right? because duality does not really exist. There’s no good or bad if the other is not there. ( I try to see things in more ‘grey’, which is not too strong  for the eyes.)

On the pictures above is my sister Phanlert Sriprom, the talented, experienced designer who has been working in Thai fashion industry for around 10 years. Looking through her sketchbooks and clothes, I am so inspired because it’s hard to find the energy like this in Bangkokphere.

_Z6A5244 copy

_Z6A5253 copy

_Z6A5268 copy

_Z6A5267 copy

_Z6A5391 copy_Z6A5413 copy

_Z6A5409 copy

_Z6A5324 copy

_Z6A5369 copy

_Z6A5478 copy

_Z6A5479 copy

_Z6A5494 copy

The location was quite abandoned, rustic, but spacious. I like to see the traces and marks of the old time of this place, which used to be a big Chinese restaurant building. There was the out-of-order elevator, toilet on the roof(?), and broken glasses everywhere. We did most of the shootings on the roof top , until the evening. The spirit of the set was quite raw, like a wolf crying from the inside of its instinct. Am I too imaginative? and If you notice the special things, all garments have the common shapes of round, circle patterns.

After the sun went down, we continued with the choreograph video which we collaborated with performance artist Vidura Amranand, from B-Floor group. In this video, I wanted the outcome to be a bit avant-garde and mind-blowing. Thanks to p’Vidura, her talent and amazing performance has deeply impressed all of us.

“Good attracts me, Evil inspires me” a collection of Thai designer Eddy Phanlert Sriprom, collaborated with Vidura Amranand, performer.

Cinematographer – Kamonnart Ongwandee, Sasawat Loesrit
Editor – Sasawat Loesrit
Clothes & Producer – Phanlert Sriprom
Music by Kai Engel – Between Nothing and Everything (

_Z6A5461 copy

_Z6A5326 copy

_Z6A5273 copy

_Z6A5282 copy

_Z6A5280 copy

And these are our team that day, Thanks to you all for the experience.
I can’t bear not playing around as the location is irresistible !


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