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HEAD & TOES : Creation, Contradiction, Collaboration

Last Friday I visited the new Rikyu hair salon at Sukhumvit 24 for a haircut with my favourite Yohji. After a year of long hair It just happened that I just woke up and decided to give my neck’s back some fresh air breathe. Lucky enough, HEAD & TOE , the new notion of hair and feet interpreted by Rikyu and Muzina, was exhibiting on the 2nd floor. So I sneaked in.

“Bringing hair close to the toes, two elements farthest away from each other on the human body… ” is their concept behind the exhibition. With 15 pairs of shoes designed by MUZINA, the hair stylists of Rikyu portray an image of its characters, imagining their hair, persona and style. It is a creative visual expression reflecting the character of the shoes using hair, challenging a common belief that head and toe should not be together.

Their unique works realized by two merging notions, which are “ a tool for being yourself ” by MUZINA and “ the possibility of hair ” by RIKYU, could give you a light smile on your face when you see that the shoes are smiling back to you too. 

DSCF0183 copy

DSCF0187 copy

DSCF0192 copy

DSCF0276 copy

DSCF0194 copy

DSCF0209 copy

DSCF0218 copy

DSCF0227 copy

DSCF0230 copy

DSCF0244 copy

DSCF0260 copy

DSCF0264 copy

DSCF0269 copy

DSCF0272 copy


See this exhibition at Rikyu hair 24

45 Sukhumvit soi 24, Klontan, Klontoey, 10110

tel: 02-115-5778

Open: 9:30-18:30
(Fri/ Sat) 9:30-19:00
Closed: Wed
Near BTS: Promphong

And who said head and toe should not be together ?

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