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A September class party with Steven Tai’s SS16 Naïve nerds girls

On Saturday 19th September afternoon, I arrived at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms on Fitcroft Street to help with Steven Tai Spring/Summer 2016 presentation, an hour before the show started. Everybody was in a haste, bustling around the presentation venue which was decorated in a classroom party theme, with their unfinished props in hands. There were classroom tables, chairs, balloons, stationeries, including the exercise books in different pastel colours.

I met Steven, Kin, Monika and some new interns who were helping with the show. It was quite strange that I didn’t feel that It was long , although it has been almost 7 months already since we last met. Everyone looks as same as before , but the great thing is that Jenny is  employed as a production manager now. She was there, pumping up the balloon before realised that she had cut her hair and I almost did not recognise her at first. So, I picked up one pumper and helped with the big balloons – a real muscular job got done. Then it was the sweet time , we had to poured 10 different sweets and jellies and marshmallows into 10 bowls –  as they’re for models to hold to their classroom tables. Yummy pastel solid sugars they tasted. After that we helped with the backstage, keeping an eye on every threads and fringes that can be left on the garments and cut them off – as fast as you could imagine.

– – –

30 mins before the show  : chitchatting / setting / pumping the balloons / rubbish on the floors
20 mins before the show  : dressing up the girls / no time for briefing / cutting threads / hem 
10 mins before the show : laying cupcakes on guests’ table / making a mess everywhere
1 mins before the show : took the rubbish away & RUN!!! 

The ceiling at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms

mixed candies for classroom party

Steven Tai SS16 collection titled ‘Worst Day Ever’

the trademark textile experimentation : heavily textured / ruffled effect

screen-printed & embroidered textiles

– – – – – –

Steven Tai Spring/Summer 2016 Worst Day Ever 

words : Silvia Bombardini

It’s a suburban summer without a breath of wind, the punch is watered, the cake moist. A sundry  crowd loiters in one sunshiny backyard: the date was ballyhooed, there’s fun to be had.

For the coming spring season, steventai looks back to the brand’s very first and perpetual crush – the geeky, nerdy, somewhat naive steventai girl. We find her there where she’s most likely to feel ill at ease, pressured to enjoy herself on a day of obstinate happiness.

The palette is candy and lemon tart, the silhouettes echo the plump party dresses of yesteryear with a quasi-girl-scout spin. Dungarees, knee-length skirts and cropped trousers are worn with oversize shirts and heavily textured, layered vests. It’s with the chequered tablecloth of birthday buffets that steventai’s trademark textile experimentation begins : stripes of silk organza or muslin are woven together in its place here, and there each stripe is gathered for a ruffled effect. A multicoloured hand-scribbled print offers a fresh alternative to the seasonal flowers, and gains further momentum in the collection’s pièce de résistance – a version of the same embroidered with free floating multi-coloured yarns.

More about the brand : 

“Founded in 2013 by Canadian designer Steven Tai, steventai is a brand known for its endearing take on the awkward and quirky girl by experimenting with unconventional techniques and refreshing silhouettes. Progressive, technically detailed and luxurious, the womenswear brand encourages a relaxed tomboy look that defies mainstream trends. By celebrating the feeling of ease, steventai’s collections often reference sportswear and are loose fitted. This casual comfort is then elevated with innovative technological developments on fabrics that create a unique blend between luxury and comfort.”

words from 

It was very special because it’s their first presentation in London Fashion Week. Last year when I interned, we had shown the collection in the Designers’ Room section at the LFW showroom, no models nor shows. This is a great step and I’m glad I used to be here helping this inspiring, talented team. I learned something everyday from them.

If you want to see more behind-the-scense or the internship experience, you might want to check out this recently published article I have read on WGSN Insider ‘ 10 Things You Should Only Know If You’ve Interned During Fashion Week  ‘ and it was super hilarious as :

“Staples, tape, pins and needles will become your best friends. Why? Because two minutes before the show starts, you’ll be hemming faster than anyone has ever hemmed before.”



  1. バニラと聞くと、一般的には牧場などで買えるバニラソフトクリームを思い浮かべるのではないでしょうか?


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