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Walk in London : The Monocle Christmas Market 2015

Christmas comes early this year, as the fourth annual Monocle Christmas Market took place at Midori House, the office of Winkreative design studio and Monocle, on last weekend (5-6th December 2015). After weeks of stress and pressure from college work review, I was successfully filled up with cheerful joy, chirstmas-sy vibe by these fellow friendly reindeers, shared mulled wine, amazing cheesy Swiss raclette, Mast brothers chocolate and other brands I love. I am now trying to shoot more in video as a moving-image practitioner.

So all of the market might be summed up already in the video but below here are some photographs anyway 🙂

It was my first time touching and seeing real reindeers in life. Such an amazing creature, they were so friendly. The woman let me try holding their came-off antlers and they were super heavy. Can’t imagine to have them on your head all the time. respect to these guys. That’s why they move so slow. As you can see they were tied down with a sand bag ( “Or else they will fly away,” said the woman.) Also they have big feet so that they can flew upon your roof with gifts from santa. I want to believe it this time.

If you look closely there is fur on their horns. And they can feel it if you touch it – they might feel jiggle and turn they head away from you. As time goes buy the fur will come off, and finally their antlers as well. It would be much lighter and comfort for them, but they will feel insecure as they would be easily attacked in the wild.

beautiful packaging of Mast Brothers chocolate , they just opened a factory in Shoreditch

Timothy Han Parfum

Another Country shop

And here is my lunch, from the Switzerland stall. It is called ‘ Swiss Raclette’ , basically a baguette with cheese fondue melted over. Yum.

The site behind the office building kind of struck me with its structure and colour

Couple in Colours ❤

And here are the indoor stalls. There are some Norwegian, Finnish design ; Moomin mugs, Marimekko tableware, also Present & Correct , and etc.

The geometry of pasta : the most perfect-shaped pasta ever

Present & Correct stationeries stall

Winkreative tote bag – looks durable and versatile

Monocle indoor café

Happy early xmas everyone !


all photographs & video is by me unless stated – feel free to use but with a credit, please 🙂 

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