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Microcosm – I

Microcosm is the first experiment in my visual journey exploring things into micro level, capturing the beauty of the ephemeral, the reality that we often overlook before they vanish in time. The surreal patterns created by the invisible forces of mother nature around us, somehow reminds of the same patterns from the bigger level.  The first Microcosm film investigates a micro universe of magnetised field and fluidity, where choreographed magnet together with ferrofluid, demonstrate the inter-relation among cosmic things in an almost spiritual sense.

Good attracts me, Evil inspires me

Hello July. Finally the second half of 2015 has arrived. It has been crazy and a lot of fun for me the whole year, with so many stories of both work and my private life, which is why I have a limited free time to work on the blog. Have you asked yourself what you have already done, or wish you had done in the first half of the year. The past month has been a reflective moment in my life and also a month of shit loads of creative projects I have collaborated with interesting people. With a chance to breathe now, I finally have a slower pace to clear my mind and write.

The Bodhi Body I : Sketch & Research

bodhi  |bəʊ| noun 1) the awakening experience / enlightenment Awareness of the true nature of the universe 2) a fig tree native to India and SE Asia, regarded as sacred by Buddhists. (Buddha’s enlightenment having occurred beneath such a tree) bōgaha ‘tree of knowledge’  + bō (from Sanskrit budh ‘understand thoroughly’) + gaha ‘tree’ + body |ˈbɒdi| noun (pl.bodies) the physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal • the trunk apart from the head and the limbs • a corpse • [ mass noun ] the physical and mortal aspect of a person as opposed to the soul or spirit: we’re together in body and spirit.